Should You Wear A Running Mask?

Why Athletes Wear Running Masks During Training

While there are many reasons used in advertisements for workout breathing masks, the question is, do these types of workout masks really work to benefit runners? Continue reading to learn the truth about training masks for runners and how the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece provides a better way to improve performance and endurance during your running program.

Breathing masks for running, or training masks, have become a trend among hardcore endurance athletes. It may seem counterintuitive that wearing a mask over your face would improve your performance, but some people swear by the use of workout oxygen masks. Articles have been written indicating that these types of masks can increase an athlete’s oxygen level. This statistic means their body can generate incrementally more effort before the point of exhaustion is reached, therefore increasing their endurance

The ventilatory threshold is the point during activity that the amount of breath you can take does not meet the oxygen requirements for vigorous exertion. Articles about training masks indicate that they can increase an athlete’s ventilatory threshold level as well. Another effect touted by training mask proponents is that using the mask can significantly increase serum growth hormone levels, which can elicit greater muscle hypertrophy. 

How to Effectively Control Breathing When Running

If you want to maximize your breathing technique while running, you need to increase the amount of air that goes into your lungs. One way you can do so is by increasing the width and diameter of your oropharynx during strenuous effort. Counter to the claims made by manufacturers of breathing masks, improving your breathing technique happens when you’re able to breathe in more at a time. There is no science that proves wearing a running breathing mask can help you reach this goal. Science does back up the effectiveness of the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece, however. 

Rather than reducing air intake by covering up your mouth and nose, the AIRWAAV directs your tongue down and forward. This results in an 8 to 9 percent increase in the width of your oropharynx. This increases your running endurance by reducing your respiratory rate by up to 20 percent, which has the benefit of reducing lactic acid production. Because it reduces cortisol buildup by up to 50 percent after intense workouts or running sessions, your recovery time may also improve. Over time, this improves your muscular endurance so you can run even longer with fewer negative consequences to your body.

Clearly, using an AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece is better for you than a running mask if you’re interested in how to increase running endurance.



The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece directions your tongue down and forward and when you bite down, it creates the optimal airway opening. It's patented and scientifically proven with peer-reviewed, published research to provide athletes:

  • Increased Endurance: Reduces your respiratory rate by 20%.
  • Increased Strength: Improves muscular endurance.
  • Faster Recovery: Reduces cortisol build up levels by up to 50%.

How do I use the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece?

The first thing you need to do when you receive your AIRWAAV is customize it to your teeth. This is easily done. All you need is a microwave, a bowl of cold water, and a couple of minutes. Detailed instructions are included with your mouthpiece so you should have no problems customizing it to your mouth specifically. If you have any orthodontic work that changes the placement of your teeth, you can simply remold your mouthpiece to fit. You can remold the device as many times as you need. This can save you plenty of money as you don’t have to buy a new mouthpiece every time orthodontic work is performed. 

Once you have the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece properly fitted, you’re ready to use it to work out. You may want to start out using it on shorter runs to get used to it. When you’re ready to head out on a run, place the device in your mouth with the intake bar against the inside of your lower teeth. Place your tongue under the bar and bite down slightly with your molars on the bite plate. This helps to direct your tongue down and forward, flexing it so that it opens your airway. 

By placing your tongue in the downward and forward position and gently biting down with your molars, your airway is optimized to help support O2/CO2 exchange. This reduces cortisol production so your muscles can recover faster after an intense run.

Where can I get an AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece?

The AIRWAAV has been created with over 15 years of research and development with athletes and cadets at the Citadel in South Carolina. We offer the best product on the market to naturally increase your oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange and enhance the results of your running regimen. Don’t allow your head to be turned over slick-looking running and workout masks when there is no science to back them up. Order the best performance mouthpiece online today and see what a difference AIRWAAV makes!

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