Can I Benefit From An Oxygen Mask For Running?

Oxygen Masks for Running

Oxygen masks are a current trend in running. They are designed with the idea that making it harder to breathe when training helps the respiratory system to increase in strength. In theory, that makes it easier to breathe during competition, whether endurance running or sprinting at high intensity. This theory is based on the fact that many runners use high-altitude training, breathing in less oxygen per breath because the air is thinner at altitudes over 5,000 feet above sea level. This type of high-altitude training has been used for more than 50 years and is very popular with many runners. The problem is, using a breathing mask to limit oxygen intake isn’t as helpful. A much better option is the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece, which actually increases your air intake.

How Oxygen Masks for Running Are Supposed to Work

As mentioned above, oxygen training masks for running work based on the theory that by breathing less oxygen during training, a runner will have a superior ability to utilize oxygen during competitions. The correlation to high-altitude training is false, though. 

The 1968 Olympics were held in Mexico City at an altitude of approximately 7,500 feet. It was noted that a high number of records were broken at the competition, both for endurance events and for sprints. That’s when researchers began studying the effects of training in high altitudes. It’s been 50 years, and high-altitude training is still popular with runners around the world. 

During high-altitude training, the runner takes in the same amount of air per breath as they do at lower levels. The difference is that there are fewer oxygen molecules in each breath. This teaches the body to use oxygen more efficiently and utilize the greater amounts of oxygen at lower levels more effectively.

The oxygen training mask does not allow for the same amount of air to be inhaled by runners. This can lead to stronger respiratory muscles, but does not convert into a better workout or improved performance once the mask comes off. Instead, it results in a lack of oxygen to muscles during intense work, wearing you out more quickly and causing muscle cramps and fatigue. This is the opposite of what you want during training. And the idea that your performance will be better without the mask may be true, but it will not be as good as it would be if you didn’t wear the mask in the first place.



The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece directions your tongue down and forward and when you bite down, it creates the optimal airway opening. It's patented and scientifically proven with peer-reviewed, published research to provide athletes:

  • Increased Endurance: Reduces your respiratory rate by 20%.
  • Increased Strength: Improves muscular endurance.
  • Faster Recovery: Reduces cortisol build up levels by up to 50%.

How the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece Works

Rather than restricting your breath, the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece actually widens your airway, providing more oxygen to your muscles during intense or lengthy runs. The device was invented by Dr. Dena Garner of The Citadel in South Carolina. She and her researchers perfected the device over a period of 15 years, testing it on elite athletes and cadets at The Citadel. They studied the effects of the device on lactate, cortisol production, and reaction time. Her research also focused on the use of the mouthpiece during steady state exercise and the effects on oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange during intense physical activity.

There are two features of the AIRWAAV that work together to improve your performance. The first is the bite plate, which is placed over your lower molars. When you first receive your AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece, you mold the bite plate to your teeth so it will stay in place while running. If you have braces, you can mold the bite plate right over them, so they will fit around your orthodontic gear. If your teeth move and the piece doesn’t fit properly any longer, you can remold it as many times as you need.

By clenching lightly on the bite plate during intense activity, like running, your jaw is placed in such a way that it opens up your airway and increases support to O2/CO2 exchange. At the same time, it reduces cortisol buildup by up to 50 percent, allowing your muscles faster recovery times.

The second feature of the mouthpiece is the intake bar, which is placed against the lower front teeth. You move your tongue forward and down to tuck it under the bar, which, along with the jaw placement that the bite plate encourages, increases your airway by 8-9 percent. This reduces your respiratory rate by about 20 percent, reducing the production of lactic acid. The device provides your muscles exactly what they need for peak performance — the maximum amount of oxygen possible.

Where can I buy an AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece?

The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece was designed with the goal of increased muscular endurance and strength and decreased recovery times. It’s been researched and perfected over 15 years for intense runners like you, and is an affordable and effective mouthpiece. Order the best performance mouthpiece online today and see what a difference AIRWAAV can make in your runs!

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