A performance mouthpiece engineered for serious athletes who demand serious results.



The AIRWAAV™ Performance Mouthpiece represents 15 years of research and development conducted with elite athletes and cadets at the Citadel to perfect the most efficient way of opening the airway and optimizing performance.
The intake bar fits on the inside of the lower teeth and helps direct the tongue down and forward.
Patented Vistamaxx™ is a hydrophobic fitting material designed to help the mouthpiece stay in place during workouts.
The bite plate is designed to absorb gentle biting or athletes clenching during high stress exertion.


We champion high intensity and endurance athletes in their quests for personal accomplishments and achievements.

We believe high intensity and endurance athletes work harder and make more sacrifices. We will do all we can to support these athlete communities: the competitive athletes themselves and the organizations, gyms, events and retailers who support them and are them simultaneously.




CT Scans prove the mouthpiece
increases the width of your airway
an average of 9%.


The AIRWAAV™ Performance Mouthpiece directs your tongue down and forward and when you gently bite down, it creates the optimal airway opening. It’s patented and scientifically proven with peer-reviewed, published research to provide athletes:


Reduces respiratory rate by 20%, resulting in less lactic acid production.


Reduces cortisol build-up by up to 50% after intense workouts, which improves recovery times.


Improves muscular endurance.


It’s important to understand that your tongue is a muscle and this device will help train and position your tongue to allow you to optimize your performance. You will experience the benefits just by wearing AIRWAAV™ during workouts and training.
TONGUE PLACEMENT: Move tongue forward placing it under the Intake Bar on the inside of your lower teeth. Placing your tongue in this position along with your tongue’s reaction to the fitting material on the inside of your molars causes the tongue to flex opening the airway and improving the O2/CO2 exchange, which lowers your respiratory rate and decreases the production of lactic acid.
SLIGHT CLINCH: Gently bite down and breathe through your mouth. Gently clenching will help hold the mouthpiece in place and has been cited to affect tongue activity and to position your jaw in a way that optimizes the airway opening to help support the O2/CO2 exchange. It also reduces the production of cortisol helping your muscles recover faster after intense workouts.

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How do I fit the mouthpiece?

Fitting instructions are available here:

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How To Fit Video


Does the AIRWAAV restrict my breathing?

NO. In fact, the AIRWAAV™ Performance Mouthpiece (device) adjusts your jaw and positions your tongue in a way that makes breathing more natural and efficient.


How do I clean my AIRWAAV?

We will be releasing AIRWAAV™ All Natural Mouthpiece Cleaner in the 2021, but in the meantime, use cool water and light soap or toothpaste and gently brush with a toothbrush.



During my metcons I have noticed some improved breathing in the middle of workouts.

Rich Froning4x CrossFit Games Champion

When I started using my AIRWAAV, my FTP (function threshold power) went up 20 watts, seemingly overnight.

Ryan AtkinsRunner, Cyclist, OCR Athlete and World Champion

Everything was faster with a similar level of exertion. I noticed immediately that I felt less ‘drag’ in my airway.

Alex StoccoNASM Certified Trainer

I shaved time off my pace. It’s not scientific, but I think at least 15-30 seconds/mile which is pretty good for a ‘senior.’

Ann RuschyRunning Enthusiast

Researcher – Dr. Dena Garner

Dr. Dena Garner is a full-time professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance, is the Director of
Undergraduate Research and is the Assistant Provost for Research and Policy at The Citadel in Charleston, South
Carolina. She started working at The Citadel in 2004 while completing her post-doctoral fellowship in the
Department of Neurology at the Medical University of South Carolina, also located in Charleston. Before her move
to Charleston, she worked at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon where she also received her doctoral
degree in exercise physiology. She received her Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina in
exercise physiology and an undergraduate degree from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina.

The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece

» Increased Endurance: Reduces respiratory rate by 20%.
» Increased Strength: Improves muscular endurance.
» Faster Recovery: Reduces cortisol build up levels by up to 50%.
$39.99 USD