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The AIRWAAV x Mitchell Hooper Edition Performance Mouthpiece is a collaboration engineered for strength athletes looking for an extra edge in training and competition.

The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece directs your tongue down and forward and when you bite down, it creates the optimal airway opening and ignites cortical function in the brain. It's patented and scientifically proven with peer-reviewed, published research to provide athletes:

  • Increased Strength: Accelerates neuromuscular response to improve muscular force
  • Increased Endurance: Increases the width of your airway, reducing respiratory rate by up to 25%, resulting in less lactic acid production
  • Faster Recovery: Lowers cortisol levels by up to 50% post-workout for faster recovery and improved muscle repair

With complete Mitchell Hooper branding, including his custom colored AIRWAAV and performance case, this mouthpiece will help athletes unlock their full strength potential.

Package Includes: 1 AIRWAAV Mouthpiece, 1 Ventilated Protective Case, Fitting Instructions

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You invest your time in training, using a simple tool to get the most out of your investment is a no brainer. The research speaks for itself - if you want to be the strongest version of yourself, an Airwaav mouthpiece will get you there faster.




AIRWAAV is backed by over 15 years of peer-reviewed, published research to help athletes reach their full potential.

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Accelerates neuromuscular response to increase muscular force during intense exercise.


CT Scans prove the mouthpiece increases the width of your airway by up to 25% for improved breathing.

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Reduces respiratory rate by up to 20% resulting in less lactic acid production and lower perceived exertion.


Reduces cortisol build up by up to 50% post-workout for faster recovery.

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AIRWAAV is a lower fit mouthpiece that sits on your bottom teeth. This device will help train and position your jaw and tongue to allow you to optimize your performance. You will experience the benefits just by wearing AIRWAAV during competition or training sessions.


The AIRWAAV HIIT Performance Mouthpiece is designed with an open bite channel and thin side walls. The design is ideal for athletes who prefer a relaxed fit during competition or in training.



Like most things the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece (device) will take some time to get used to. After molding we suggest getting your mouth and body used to the device by having it in during low intensity activity. Go for a walk with it in, wear it around the house, etc. That could be a short HIIT workout or even a shorter run. The device is made of a special material that can be remolded, but we’ve found after a few (three to five) wears/uses the body will get used to the device and it will fit perfectly.

HIIT is designed with a relaxed fit and is typically used more during weight training and functional fitness, while endurance is designed with a tighter fit and typically used during longer endurance workouts. Because of the added material under the bite plate, endurance has also been a favorite among the powerlifting community, who tend to clench much harder during lifts.

Both products provide the same benefits - they just fit differently. HIIT is more loose fitting and requires a light clench to keep in place while END is a more secure fit.

Breathing/Respiratory Rate: The mouthpiece gets fitted and sits on your lower teeth, optimally positioning your jaw and giving you a place to tuck your tongue. When your tongue is down & forward under the red bar, your body has a reflex and will naturally widen your airway opening by up to 25% - allowing for more oxygen each time you take a breath, lowering your respiratory rate. This also lowers your body’s perceived rate of exertion, so you do not feel like you are working as hard.

Cortisol Reduction: When the mouthpiece is in and making contact with your, your trigeminal nerves are activated and sends more blood flow to the brain. This increase in blood flow is what causes the cortisol levels to significantly drop after workouts.

The mouthpiece should be fitted to your lower teeth. The intake bar (the
bar across the front of the mouthpiece) must sit behind your bottom front teeth, and in order to get the optimal positioning your tongue needs to sit underneath the intake bar.

NO. In fact, the AIRWAAV™ Performance Mouthpiece (device) adjusts your mandible and positions your tongue in a way that makes breathing more natural and efficient. Which has shown to reduce your breaths per minute (BPM) by up to 20%.

Every person's anatomy is different and will experience AIRWAAV differently. Simply put, you should feel more efficient. You'll get the same or better results with less effort.

While we do not recommend AIRWAAV for contact sports, it will protect your teeth when clenching during strenuous lifts or activities.

Yes, that should be fine.

All it takes is a microwave, water, and some paper towels. AIRWAAV HIIT requires 60 seconds and AIRWAAV END requires 90 seconds. Fitting instructions are included with each purchase and we have a fitting video on YouTube.

AIRWAAV is made with a patented material called vistamaxx. This material will shrink 24 hours after the initial molding to provide an even better fit.

If for some reason you notice the molding is incorrect, you can remold your AIRWAAV using the same process.

Absolutely! In fact, we have peer-reviewed, published research. Visit to review the studies or feel free to email with any questions.