Sam Belliveau

Professional Strongwoman


I was over the moon to add in that last bit of equipment which gives me that extra edge of performance during my strongman training. During high intensity loads or conditioning work, I’m able to breath and recover better.

Samantha Belliveau is a professional strongwoman athlete, gym owner and from Canada. Sam’s career in the sport took off with the support of her fiancée Max Boudreault, a professional strongman athlete from Canada, and they are currently named the World’s Strongest couple.

Throughout her career, she has won Strongest Woman in Canada in 2021, 2022, and 2023, and also holds the All-time World Record for the circus dumbell. For Sam, AIRWAAV is a helpful tool to add into her strongman training. The ability to breathe and recover better have been a game changer in her performance, and it is now a vital part of all of her training and competions.