Professional Strongman


You invest your time in training, using a simple tool to get the most out of your investment is a no brainer. The research speaks for itself - if you want to be the strongest version of yourself, an AIRWAAV mouthpiece will get you there faster.

2023 World’s Strongest Man Mitchell Hooper is a Professional Strongman athlete and a Certified Strength and Conditioning coach from Canada. His athletic background includes a wide range of things, from football to bodybuilding to running marathons, Mitchell has created a very strong background with his fitness.

Since incorporating AIRWAAV into his regime, Mitchell’s achievements have been nothing short of incredible. Winning the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic, 2023 Rogue Invitational, and World’s Strongest Man, the year was nothing but memorable for Mitchell.

With a master’s degree in clinical Exercise Physiology, Mitchell is a huge advocate for AIRWAAV and the impact it can have on performance. AIRWAAV has been a game changer in improving his strength and stability, and Mitchell now uses it in all training and competition.