Max Boudreult

Professional Strongman


Whether you’re pushing through your final rep or aiming for your max effort, it keeps you aligned and enables peak performance.

Max Boudreault is a professional strongman athlete and gym owner from Canada. Stepping onto the scene in 2020, Max’s talent and hard work are hard to ignore. His dedication even influenced his fiancée Samantha Belliveau to step into the space, where she has acheived great things.

Max’s career has been nothing short of impressive, even with various challenges that he has had to face. In 2021, he took 3rd place at the World’s Strognest Man competion, and in 2022, Max won his first Canada’s Strongest Man title.

Using the AIRWAAV mouthpiece has been a great additon to Max’s routine, as it helps to improve his breathing and stability. Before trying out AIRWAAV, Max was unable to use any type of mouthpiece as it was too uncomfortable in his mouth. AIRWAAV totally changed the game for him, and he now uses it during all training and competion.