Jesus Olivares

Professional Powerlifter


Fit, usability, and quality.. These are the three things AIRWAAV exceeds at that not only helps me love this product but enjoy the use of it in my daily training sessions. AIRWAAV is one of the most reliable products I’ve ever used, let alone have the pleasure to work with.

Jesus Olivares is an elite powerlifting athlete from Odessa, Texas. With a strong background in sports such as football and Track and Field, Jesus has learned valuable skills such as staying cool under pressure and how to bring the best out of himself when he needs it. Both things have helped him achieve the success he has had in the past 5 years since putting more focus on the sport.

Jesus is the reigning IPF World Powerlifting Champion who has been dominating the scene ever since 2021 when he made his IPF debut, breaking four junior world records and totaled 1045 kg. He has quickly become a well-known athlete in the sport and has impressed many.

Jesus has used AIRWAAV since early in 2023 and has not looked back since. He uses AIRWAAV as a tool to help brace for each lift, unlocking more strength and power.