Professional Powerlifter


Wearing a mouthpiece has definitely improved my lifting performance. It allows me to stay tight while in the process of producing intrathoracic and valsalva pressure. The AIRWAAV has enough substance to protect my teeth and alleviate neck and jaw pain caused by the need to clench your teeth to develop this pressure. The best part, specific to AIRWAAV is that it isn’t so noticeable that it is distracting or affects your breathing.

Jennifer Thompson is an elite powerlifting athlete, powerliting coach, middle school teacher and mom. Her years of hard work, dedication and record breaking performance are inspiring to many.

Jen is an 11x IPF World Powerlifting Champion, and World Bench Press record holder. In March 2023, she set an all-time world record for the Masters 50-59 age category in her weight class. Her enduring success and dominance throughout her career make her a legendary figure in the sport.

Having used a number or mouthpieces and mouthgaurds throughout her career, Jen finds AIRWAAV to be the most comfortable, and has not looked back since she started using it. Jen feels as though AIRWAAV is a great tool for her technique in the sport. Using the mouthpiece helps to create the pressure needed to perform big lifts.