James Sprague

Crossfit Games Athlete


With AIRWAAV, I have better jaw stability and increased output in my lifts. It helps me level my heart rate and have better control of my workouts.

James’ introduction to CrossFit began during his teenage years, accompanying his father, Patrick Sprague, a three-time CrossFit Games athlete, to classes. Despite initially being overweight, James found inspiration from his father and the athletes he encountered at the 2016 CrossFit Games, spurring him to embark on his own CrossFit journey.

Driven by his competitive spirit, James earned his first qualification for the CrossFit Games in the teenage division in 2017, followed by another in 2019, marking his final year in the teenage category. Despite narrowly missing the 2022 CrossFit Games by a single point, James’s persistence led to two semifinal qualifications. This year, he made his individual Games debut at the age of 21, finishing 25th overall, showcasing his dedication and growth in the sport.

James has been utilizing AIRWAAV for several years, recognizing its profound impact on his performance. The mouthpiece gives him a mental and physical advantage over his competitors, enhancing his respiratory rates and cortisol levels. This added edge in both training and competition boosts his confidence, making him feel more prepared to tackle any challenge that arises.