Cole Greashaber

Crossfit Games Athlete


I started using AIRWAAV after quarterfinals in 2021. I’ve always had big issues with Fran lung and recovery in general after workouts with my cortisol levels. It’s helped significantly with recovery and aerobic capacity while training. I’ve had great success with AIRWAAV so far and have used it religiously for two years.

Cole Greashaber, a versatile athlete with backgrounds in gymnastics, diving, and pole vaulting, entered CrossFit with his debut at the 2017 Games. He has since consistently demonstrated his skills and resilience in competition.

Cole’s extensive experience in the CrossFit Games spans both the teenage and elite individual divisions. In 2017, he secured 3rd place in the Boys 16-17 division, marking a notable start to his journey. His performances continued to impress in subsequent years. In 2022, Cole achieved a 33rd place finish at the CrossFit Games, alongside two top 10 finishes, showcasing his adaptability and competitive drive. Building on this foundation, he furthered his success in 2023, securing another 33rd place finish and claiming his first event win, underscoring his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Cole started using AIRWAAV in 2021 and has not looked back since. As an athlete who struggles with Fran Lung, the AIRWAAV Mouthpiece has reduced the frequency of his struggles, and to lessen the severity of the symptoms that come along with it, allowing him to continue to perform at his full potential.