Christian Harris

Crossfit Games Athlete


Using an AIRWAAV mouthpiece has been a game changer for me. It puts your jaw in a position that helps open the airway and improve airflow. This mouthpiece has been a vital tool to help me get the most out my training.

Christian’s journey began as an avid baseball player, later transitioning to football during his senior year of high school, ultimately playing wide-receiver in college at CW Post. After graduation, he focused on private and group training at Parisi School from 2008-2011 in Islip, NY. Intrigued by CrossFit, Christian ventured into the world of functional fitness, embarking on a new chapter in his athletic career.

Christian has left a mark on the CrossFit Games stage with notable team finishes, including 4th place in 2016, followed by an 8th place in 2022, and another 4th place in 2023.

Despite retiring from competitive CrossFit for the 2024 season, he remains dedicated to the community, transitioning into full-time coaching, particularly for Games-level athletes, where he shares his expertise and passion.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, Christian is an entrepreneur, serving as the owner of the clothing company MFLH and co-owner of MFLH Training, a gym on Long Island, NY. With his diverse skill set and unwavering dedication, Christian Harris continues to make significant contributions to the fitness community as a husband, father, athlete, entrepreneur, and coach.

Christian has integrated the AIRWAAV mouthpiece into his training routine for several years, recognizing its importance as a crucial piece of equipment. Whether preparing for training sessions or competing at the highest level, Christian relies on the AIRWAAV mouthpiece for optimized performance and support.