Bobby Thompson

Professional Strongman


The best part about my AIRWAAV mouthpiece is the fact when I wear it, I forget it’s there. My breathing has never been better. Clenching my jaw without concern has resulted in a strong brace for my traps and neck keeping me pain free and healthier longer. Whether I’m doing conditioning or strength training it doesn’t matter, I always have my AIRWAAV in.

Bobby Thompson is a professional Strongman athlete from Virgina, USA. With years of experinece in training and competiton, he is a powerful athlete in the sport.

Bobby has had an impressive career, with some of his greatest accomplishments being the holder of American log press record, winning the 2022 America’s Strognest Man, and placing 3rd in both the 2022 and 2023 Arniold Strongman Classic.

Bobby has used AIRWAAV since early 2023. Bobby uses AIRWAAV over any other mouthpiece because of the comfort, breathing benefits and for a stronger brace going into his lifts, and it is a great additon to his strongman training.