Anikha Greer

Crossfit Games Athlete


AIRWAAV has been a staple in my training for years now. It keeps my breathing steady, and helps me stay in control during workouts.

Originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada, Anikha began her athletic journey as an equestrian in show jumping and participated in gymnastics as a secondary sport until the age of 12.

At 14, Anikha discovered CrossFit, captivated by its competitive nature. Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, including narrowly missing the CrossFit Games and battling injuries and pandemic-related disruptions, her perseverance and dedication led to a significant breakthrough. Anikha secured 1st place at the 2024 Wodapalooza competition with her team, marking a pivotal moment in her career.

With her sights set on earning a spot in the Games roster for her rookie year, Anikha continues to showcase her determination and drive within the CrossFit community. Anikha attributes part of her success to utilizing the AIRWAAV mouthpiece, which has optimized her training and competition performance. She eagerly anticipates the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in her CrossFit journey in 2024.