Abbie Domit

Crossfit Games Athlete


It’s nice to be able to bite down on something when you need to feel strong, powerful, and dig deeper. AIRWAAV gives me that edge I need to push just a little bit harder without messing up my teeth or jaw.

Originally from the Midwest, Abigail Domit currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. With a lifelong passion for athletics, she explored various sports throughout her childhood, including dance, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, and track. Gymnastics held a special place in her heart, serving as her first love in the realm of sports.

In 2020, it was Abigail’s husband, Antun, who encouraged her to venture into CrossFit, recognizing both her potential enjoyment and the need for a fulfilling activity amidst the pandemic-induced restrictions. Despite her initial hesitation, Antun’s persistence led to Abigail’s introduction to CrossFit where she found herself captivated by the intensity and challenges of the workouts, marking the beginning of her journey in the sport.

Leveraging her background in gymnastics, she rapidly ascended in the sport, culminating in her debut at the CrossFit Games in 2023, where she achieved a commendable 26th place finish. Notably, Abigail has consistently showcased her competitive drive by qualifying for Semifinals three consecutive times.

Abigail has been using the AIRWAAV mouthpiece for a year and it has become an integral part of her training and competition regimen, ensuring optimal performance and support throughout her CrossFit journey. With her unwavering dedication and the aid of AIRWAAV, Abigail Domit continues to excel in the dynamic and demanding world of CrossFit.