Cole Greashaber | AIRWAAV Athlete Spotlight

Meet Cole Greashaber, an elite functional fitness athlete from Missouri. Cole has been functional fitness training for 7 years and is now a 2x Games athlete as an individual and 1x as a teen. With a strong background in gymnastics, diving, and pole vaulting, he was set up to make a splash in the world of functional fitness. Cole made the Games for the first time in 2017, where he competed in the 16-17 teen division, placing 3rd, starting his career off strong.  

In the following years, Cole worked his way towards qualifying as an individual at the Games. In 2022, he placed 3rd at the semi-final competition, advancing to his first Games as an individual, where he would finish 33rd overall. More recently, Cole competed for the second time as an individual at the 2023 Games. Here he had his first games event win and placed 33rd overall.  

Cole started using AIRWAAV in 2021 and has not looked back since. As an athlete who struggles with Fran Lung, the AIRWAAV Mouthpiece has reduced the frequency of his struggles, and to lessen the severity of the symptoms that come along with it, allowing him to continue to perform at his full potential.   


When did you start functional fitness training and why? 

I started functional fitness to see if I could make the CrossFit Games as a teenager back in 2017. A few months later in August I ended up placing 3rd in the 16-17 teen division. From there my goal was to make it back as an individual. It took longer than I would have liked, but in 2022 I made my individual debut at the CrossFit Games. 

Who and/or what has been your biggest source of motivation? 

My biggest source of motivation is to become great at all 3 implements of CrossFit. Every year my goal is to inch to be a better athlete than I was last year by the CrossFit benchmarks and mentally. 

What was your favorite event at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games? 

My favorite event at the CrossFit Games was the Inverted Medley. I knew I could hit a home run on this event if I executed it correctly. I had a clean run and was able to walk away with my first career event win. 

What is your athletic background and how has it helped you become the elite athlete you are today? 

My athletic background includes competitive gymnastics for 10 years, diving, and pole vaulting in high school. These sports have helped me develop great body awareness and helped me stay mobile throughout my life. 

When were you first introduced to AIRWAAV and how long have you been using the performance mouthpiece? 

I was first introduced to AIRWAAV back in April 2021 and have been using it for every training session since. I was looking for something to give me a competitive edge over the field. AIRWAAV makes breathing easier and helps me recover faster. 

Can you tell us about a barrier AIRWAAV has helped you overcome as an athlete? 

The biggest obstacle AIRWAAV has helped me over come is helping me reduce my Fran Lung while working out. In years prior, it didn’t seem to matter what kind of WOD I did, I would always end up with Fran lung. While using the AIRWAAV I do not experience Fran Lung nearly as often and if I do the side effects are significantly better. 

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