AIRWAAV Athletes Excel in Grueling 2024 CrossFit Open

The Open is renowned for its inclusivity, embracing athletes of all skill levels. For many participants, it serves as an opportunity to foster community bonds and enhance their performance year after year. For others, the Open marks the initial fight to punch their ticket to the CrossFit Games. Here's how the Open sets the stage for the rest of the CrossFit Games season: 

  • The Open: Hundreds of thousands of athletes worldwide push their limits across various workouts. It's a celebration of community and growth, bringing together participants from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Quarterfinals: Top performers in each division will compete in a virtual competition where athletes compete on a global scale 
  • Semifinals: Elite athletes compete in person at events worldwide, aiming to qualify for the CrossFit Games.
  • CrossFit Games: The top finishers from the Semifinals move on to compete at the CrossFit Games where the Fittest on Earth are crowned. 

In this year's Open there were over 344,000 registered athletes around the world. AIRWAAV athletes stood out among the crowd, delivering impressive performances and embodying the spirit of CrossFit. From challenging workouts to thrilling finishes, they showcased what it means to push limits and strive for excellence. 

Let's break down the key moments from the Open and how AIRWAAV athletes made their mark: 

Anikha Greer's remarkable 3rd place global finish speaks volumes about her skill and determination. Additionally, her impressive 3rd place finish in event 24.3 further solidifies her prowess in the sport. Anikha specifically highlights the significance of AIRWAAV during workout 24.2. This workout demanded control over heart rate and breathing, and she credits AIRWAAV for enabling her to maintain focus and composure throughout. Anikha found herself able to stay in the zone, ensuring her performance remained consistent.  

Dallin Pepper's 16th place finish globally highlighted his ability to push through physical barriers. His commendable 2nd place finish in event 24.2 underscored his resilience and determination. Dallin acknowledges the role of the AIRWAAV mouthpiece in providing him with focus and steady breathing during the intense 20-minute workout, especially amidst the taxing deadlifts. 

Colten Mertens proved himself as a force to be reckoned with, securing an impressive 19th place globally. Colten had standout performances especially in  24.1 (1st place) and 24.3 (2nd place). Colten used the AIRWAAV mouthpiece for all workouts and particularly highlighted its impact during the demanding 24.1 workout. With movements like burpees and power snatches, maintaining optimal breathing is crucial, and Mertens found the AIRWAAV mouthpiece instrumental in sustaining his performance. 

Cole Greashaber achieved an impressive 26th place worldwide. When asked what workout he felt that the mouthpiece helped him the most, he highlighted the significant impact during 24.3. Maintaining composure during movements like chest-to-bar pull-ups and bar muscle-ups was crucial for Greashaber's success, and AIRWAAV played a pivotal role in helping him relax and conserve energy for the subsequent barbell exercises. Additionally, Cole notes the mouthpiece's ability to provide tension during thrusters, making them feel lighter and enhancing his overall performance. Greashaber's experience underscores the importance of leveraging advanced tools like AIRWAAV to optimize performance and achieve success in the competitive realm of CrossFit. 

James Sprague demonstrated notable progress in the 2024 CrossFit Open, elevating his rank from previous years and securing 27th place globally. Reflecting on his performance, Sprague attributes part of his success to the invaluable support of the AIRWAAV mouthpiece. While there were numerous instances where AIRWAAV proved beneficial throughout the competition, Sprague highlights its significance during workout 24.2. On the rower, where oxygen intake is crucial, AIRWAAV enabled him to recover quickly, breathe deeply, and replenish oxygen levels efficiently. This allowed him to transition seamlessly to the next set of double-unders and deadlifts, ensuring he maintained momentum and performed at his peak. 

Abbie Domit, CrossFit games Rookie, achieved 59th place in the 2024 Open. While wearing the mouthpiece throughout all workouts, she highlights its significant impact during workout 24.3. Recognizing the challenge posed by thrusters, Domit emphasizes the crucial need to manage her heart rate, maintain consistent breathing, and stay relaxed throughout the workout. Abbie was able to keep her heart rate in check, ensuring she remained composed and focused on executing each movement with precision.  


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