What’s the Best Way to Increase Running Endurance?

Running is one of the most popular ways to exercise, drawing in tens of millions of Americans who want to improve their fitness. Just about anyone can run – regardless of how old they are or how much free time they have on their hands.

But if you're going to run, you might as well reach for your full potential. After all, exercise is about pushing your limits and striving for that next level of performance. That means running harder – for longer. So what's the best way to increase running endurance?

If you're wondering how to increase endurance for running, the truth is that there are many potential strategies. However, one of the best solutions available today is the AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece. This performance mouthpiece can help you optimize airflow into your lungs, helping to fuel higher levels of endurance like never before.

Why is Breathing So Important When it Comes to Endurance?

If you're trying to increase running endurance, proper breathing should be one of your top priorities. This is because when you're pushing yourself to your limits, you need as much oxygen as you can get. After oxygen is isolated in your lungs, it is pumped towards your heart, your brain, and all of the muscles you rely on when you run.

The harder you push yourself, the more oxygen you need. And the best way to deliver more oxygen to your muscles is to boost your breathing efficiency. The truth is that some people do not breathe properly when they work out, and they may experience a serious surge in endurance after making a few simple changes to the way they breathe.

Not only that, but proper breathing can help you recover quickly after a difficult workout, allowing you to push yourself further and further, faster and faster. Proper breathing can also offer a host of other benefits, including:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Lower stress levels
  • Boosted immune system
  • Benefits for those with asthma
  • Better gut health

How Does the Airwaav Endurance Boost Breathing Efficiency?

If you're searching for a way to increase running endurance, the AIRWAAV Endurance could be your gateway to all of the aforementioned benefits – including better overall running endurance.

This cleverly-designed mouthguard encourages you to take deeper breaths, delivering higher quantities of oxygen to your brain, muscles, and heart during intense workouts.

This also helps promote diaphragmatic breathing, which is one of the most efficient ways to increase running endurance. Instead of taking shallow breaths which provide insufficient oxygen to your lungs, you can use the AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece to increase your airway opening by up to 25% – allowing you to engage that crucial diaphragm muscle and maximize the amount of oxygen in your body with each breath.

The end result is that your muscles get all the oxygen they need to run harder for longer periods of time – allowing you to strive for that extra mile without hitting the wall.

What Are the Benefits of the AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece?

The AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece is designed to be as comfortable as possible, and it works by keeping your tongue down and forward. This correct tongue position opens up your airway, ensuring deep, full breaths with plenty of oxygen delivered to your lungs.

A low-profile design and form-fitting bars keep this performance mouthpiece in place at all times – during even the wildest trail running and sprinting workouts.

Patented, peer-reviewed, and tested on real athletes, the AIRWAAV is proving to be a gamechanger for both professional and amateur athletes worldwide. These athletes are quickly noticing the following benefits:

  • Reduced respiratory rate of up to 20%
  • Less lactic acid production
  • Less muscle fatigue
  • Up to 50% faster recovery period

Where Can I Get My AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece?

The AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece costs just $59.99, and you'll get a pack of two separate performance mouthpieces for that price. Each two-pack also comes with an antimicrobial case and detailed fitting instructions. If you're ready to strive for that next level of endurance and athletic achievement, reach for an AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece today to reliably increase running endurance.

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