Weightlifting Mouthguards for All

Why Wearing a Weightlifting Mouthguard Is Important

Over the last century, weightlifting has evolved into a very popular way to work out and as a sport in its own right. While there are many different forms of weightlifting, the most popular is powerlifting — a discipline that combines three lifting exercises: the deadliest, the squat, and the weight bench. The goal is to beat your personal best — and if you're in a competition, everyone else's best too.

Weightlifting Mouthguards and Safety

Because weightlifting has transformed itself over the years, so has the equipment. Lifting belts, wrist wraps, hand grips, and more have proven themselves to be useful safety equipment that can help to prevent injury.

But what about your teeth? The grinding and clenching that come along with a big effort can be damaging to your smile, so many athletes are choosing to add a mouth guard for weightlifting to their gym gear.

AIRWAAV's HIIT Performance Mouthpiece is the best custom-fit weightlifting mouthguard on the market, offering protection from the pressure you generate during a big lift along with improved airflow so you're sure to get all the oxygen you need to sustain extreme efforts.

Weightlifting Mouthguards and Performance

Wearing a mouth guard for weightlifting may seem counterintuitive — after all, you're probably used to big, bulky, one-size-fits-all mouthguards. And some weightlifters wonder why they need a mouthguard at all. Here are 4 great reasons why you should wear a mouthguard while weightlifting:

  1. Preventing headaches. Clenching your teeth during weightlifting can lead to headaches after your workout. A weightlifting mouthguard can help to relieve tension from your jaw so you won't suffer post-lift.
  2. Safety. We've all seen it: an athlete lifts too much and simply passes out. The inability of your heart to pump enough blood to the brain can lead to fainting. Fainting is especially dangerous because you can no longer control yourself or the weights. Protecting your teeth with a mouthguard for weightlifting is paramount in this situation.
  3. Max strength. Clenching your jaw during weightlifting is proven to maximize your strength and increase your power by up to 10% — pretty significant when you start getting up there! Because the jaws are so powerful, it's wise to wear a weightlifting mouthguard so there's less chance of damage to your teeth.
  4. Improve your breathing. In addition to keeping your teeth protected, the right mouthguard for weightlifting can help you keep your lungs filled with fresh air. A mouthguard that keeps your tongue in place and opens up your airway can enhance your workout's efficiency and effectiveness.

The Best Mouthguard for Weightlifting

At AIRWAAV, we believe that everyone should be able to stay safe while weightlifting while also getting the support they need to perform at their best. The AIRWAAV HIIT Performance Mouthpiece is designed specifically to protect lifters' teeth while they are putting out maximum effort.

The AIRWAAV HIIT Performance Mouthpiece features a bite plate that can easily be customized to your specific bite, easing the pressure on your teeth to help avoid cracked, broken teeth and post-workout headaches.

The mouthpiece also features a tongue bar that sits against the back of your lower front teeth. This bar guides your tongue into a position that opens your airway up to 25% wider, allowing your lungs to take in more oxygen. This also helps to reduce the chance of you passing out during big efforts.

Pick Up Your Own AIRWAAV HIIT Performance Mouthpiece

If you're interested in going bigger and better in the weight room, try an AIRWAAV HIIT Performance Mouthpiece yourself. Experience what a premium, custom-fit weightlifting mouthguard can do for you!