Why CrossFit Athletes Should Wear a Mouthpiece

In the dynamic world of CrossFit, where every rep counts and every second matters, athletes are constantly seeking that extra edge to push their limits and achieve their goals. While the importance of proper gear and training techniques is widely recognized, one often overlooked tool that can make a significant difference is the mouthpiece. At first glance, you might assume its sole purpose is to protect your teeth, but the benefits extend far beyond dental protection. This blog explains why CrossFit athletes should consider incorporating a performance mouthpiece like AIRWAAV into their training regimen. 

Optimized Breathing and Body Alignment 

By placing the jaw and tongue in the perfect position, AIRWAAV enhances breathing and body alignment during intense exercise. Scientifically proven to open the airway by up to 25% and lower respiratory rate by up to 20%, it enables athletes to breathe more efficiently, improving oxygen intake and enhancing endurance. 

Heightened Neuromuscular Response 

Biting down on the mouthpiece  activates the muscles of the jaw, face, and neck, leading to increased muscle tension and neural drive throughout the body. This heightened neuromuscular response improves overall strength by enhancing muscle activation and recruitment, allowing athletes to generate greater force output and maintain stability during workouts.  

Improved Physical Capabilities 

CrossFit demands a diverse range of functional movements, from lifting heavy weights to performing complex gymnastics maneuvers. Wearing AIRWAAV helps athletes tap into their strength potential, lift heavier weights, and execute movements with proper form and efficiency, ultimately enhancing overall physical capabilities.

Enhanced Endurance and Recovery 

Endurance is paramount in CrossFit, enabling athletes to sustain high intensity and push their limits during workouts. AIRWAAV supports cardiovascular fitness, improves oxygen delivery to muscles, and increases energy efficiency, allowing athletes to withstand fatigue and maintain intensity. Additionally, it speeds up recovery, optimizing performance for multiple training sessions or events during competitions. 

Improved Range of Motion and Symmetry 

The unique design of AIRWAAV positions the jaw slightly down and forward, altering muscle activation patterns and improving range of motion throughout the body. This leads to fewer asymmetries between the right and left sides and enhances flexibility in key areas like the neck, shoulders, trunk, and hips, enabling athletes to perform functional movements with proper form and efficiency. 

Endorsements from Elite Athletes 

Countless elite CrossFit Games athletes have embraced the AIRWAAV Mouthpiece for its undeniable benefits. From easier breathing and increased power output to faster recovery, AIRWAAV has become a staple in their training arsenal and testify to the competitive edge it provides.

"The thing I enjoy most about training and competing with AIRWAAV is the edge it gives me on all my competitors. I am able to breathe easier, lift heavier, as well as recover faster, and in our sport that is a key to success." - Dallin Pepper


“I have grips to help my gymnastics, shoes to help my lifts, but only my AIRWAAV improves my breathing and power output”- Colten Mertens


“AIRWAAV has been a staple in my training for years now. It keeps my breathing steady and helps me stay in control during workouts.” - Anikha Greer  

In conclusion, while the importance of training hard and using the right equipment cannot be overstated, it's crucial not to overlook the impact of a performance mouthpiece like AIRWAAV. By optimizing breathing, enhancing strength and endurance, and supporting recovery, AIRWAAV empowers CrossFit athletes to reach new heights of performance and unlock their full potential. 

So, the next time you hit the box, consider adding AIRWAAV to your gear—it might just be the difference between reaching your goals and surpassing them. 

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