Why a Performance Mouthpiece Has Been a Game Changer For Harrison Bader

In the world of professional sports, athletes are constantly seeking ways to enhance their performance and gain a competitive edge. One crucial yet often overlooked aspect of athletic prowess is the proper alignment of the jaw. Current professional baseball player Harrison Bader recently shared his insights on why AIRWAAV, a revolutionary mouthpiece designed for athletes, has become an indispensable part of his training and game day regimen.



The Power of Proper Jaw Placement:

Bader emphasizes the importance of jaw placement specific to each athlete, citing evidence that a well-fitted mouthpiece can significantly improve power output and recovery (check out this study that was done regarding the importance of jaw placement and bat speed). In his own experience with standard over-the-counter mouth guards, it was really difficult to get that custom fit. However, he realized that a more intentional and science-backed solution was needed to meet the unique requirements of athletes.

"When you have good and proper jaw placement specific to you as an athlete, you do experience better power output and recovery," Bader notes, highlighting the significance of a custom-fit solution tailored to individual needs.

Discovering AIRWAAV: More Than Just a Mouthpiece:

Bader stumbled upon AIRWAAV on Instagram, where the brand stood out as something more than a typical mouthguard. Intrigued by its specificity and intentional design for athletes, Bader recognized AIRWAAV as a company committed to enhancing performance through scientific innovation.

"Knowing that there was something out there that was more specific, more custom, designed more for an intentional purpose, not just a night guard molded into something for athletic purposes—AIRWAAV was a company that had science around truly making athletes better," Bader explains.

The Unique Application and Custom Fit:

One of the standout features of AIRWAAV is its application, offering a custom fit that aligns with an athlete's unique physical and mental requirements. Bader praises the singular application that allows the mouthpiece to conform to an athlete's needs, emphasizing the importance of a comfortable and stable fit during intense moments.

"It just felt like a glove, almost like a key that unlocked my ability to relax and then, when I needed it, to just do what I do," Bader describes, capturing the essence of how AIRWAAV seamlessly integrates into an athlete's performance.

The Experience of Using AIRWAAV:

Bader reflects on his initial impressions of AIRWAAV, highlighting the slight learning curve in molding the mouthpiece to perfection. However, once he achieved the ideal fit, the experience was transformative. The mouthpiece's durability, even under high-intensity workouts and baseball activities, left a lasting impression on Bader.

"When you have something that is comfortable and you physically feel its presence, it makes it work so much better," Bader remarks, emphasizing the stability and reliability of AIRWAAV in demanding situations.

Harrison Bader's endorsement of AIRWAAV sheds light on the transformative impact this innovative mouthpiece can have on an athlete's performance. As more athletes recognize the importance of proper jaw placement and seek tailored solutions, AIRWAAV stands out as a game-changer in the realm of sports equipment, providing a custom fit that enhances power output, recovery, and overall athletic capabilities.

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