How AIRWAAV Makes You Stronger | Pro Strongwoman Sam Belliveau Demonstration with Dr. Mike Dixey

Renowned physical therapist Dr. Mike Dixey takes Professional Strongwoman Sam Belliveau through a series of movements to break down how AIRWAAV reduces asymmetries in the human body when wearing the mouthpiece, and in turn, improves overall athletic performance and power output.

Video Chapters

00:00-01:00: Introduction to asymmetry in the human body

Dr. Mike Dixey explains that the human body is not completely symmetrical, with built-in asymmetries that affect athletic performance. To break this down further, there are three lobes of the lung on the right chest wall, while there are only two on the left. The diaphragm muscle, the breathing muscle, is split into two leaflets, with the right side being bigger than the left. As a result, the weight of the body is shifted to the right, causing the mid-back to shift to the left, resulting in increased tension on the right side of the neck and an increased bite through the molars on the right.

01:00-02:00: How the AIRWAAV Mouthpiece works

The AIRWAAV mouthpiece creates a symmetrical bite pattern, moves the jaw slightly down and forward, and changes all of these asymmetries. It does not correct them completely because the human body is meant to be asymmetrical. However, in weightlifting and bodybuilding, strongman competition, and other sports, athletes can exaggerate this pattern, resulting in asymmetry becoming too great, which can lead to injuries.

02:00-03:00: How asymmetry affects different parts of the body

Asymmetry can affect different parts of the body. For example, if arms are down at the side, there can be changes in the right shoulder, the left side of the neck, the left hip, and the ability to rotate the trunk to the right.

03:00-04:00: Demonstrating the effect of the mouthpiece

Dr. Mike Dixey demonstrates the effect of the mouthpiece on the body. First, he tests the range of motion of the neck by having Sam look over her left shoulder and marks the tip of her nose with a pen. Then, he has Sam put the mouthpiece back in and look over her shoulder again, demonstrating how the mouthpiece helps bring the neck back to a more symmetrical position. Next, he tests the strength of the rotator cuff of the left shoulder compared to the right. Finally, he demonstrates the effect of the mouthpiece on hip mobility and muscle strength.

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