Dr. Dena Garner Featured on The Greg Bennett Show

Dr. Dena Garner, the brain behind AIRWAAV, joins former Professional Olympic Athlete Greg Bennett on The Greg Bennett Show to take a deep dive into the mouthpiece that was 16 years in the making. 

The Greg Bennett Show 3/7/22: Dr. Dena Garner - How a Mouthpiece Can Change Your Recovery


Dr. Garner sits down with The Greg Bennett Show to talk all things AIRWAAV, and how it can positively impact an athlete's endurance, strength, and recovery. Dr. Garner explains how AIRWAAV wasn’t an overnight story, and discusses her professional background, the research behind the product and concept, and her findings. 

Show Notes: 

2:55 - Interview starts

4:37 - The Citadel is a Military College in South Carolina, how did you end up at a Military College?

6:46 - Your expertise in the area of airways for runners, cyclists, and Triathletes is well documented. Where did your desire to research and understand human performance start?

11:58 - Were you an athlete growing up? Do you come from an athletic background?

15:42 - When it was first brought to you to research the airways, were you skeptical or unsure if this was work that you could find the passion and desire you clearly have now?

21:24 - Who first had the concept that a mouthpiece could be a gamechanger in the way we breathe?

23:09 - Dr Garner explains the science in how a mouthpiece can help us breathe better in particularly when it comes to strength and endurance performance.

25:52 - How does nose breathing compare to mouth breathing? Is one better than the other?

27:00 - Have you been testing on elite athletes?

31:08 - What is the best way to get started with a mouthpiece from AIRWAAV?

33:51 - Dr. Garner explains how the mouthpiece helps the recovery process.

35:24 - How can an athlete test their training and compare their exertion rate using a mouthpiece?

37:31 - How has the mouthpiece evolved over the 17 years you've been researching and developing?

40:10 - Where do you see this technology going in the future other than within the elite sports arena?

44:29 - What are some of the research data numbers that you have seen pre and post exercise?

49:24 - Dr. Garner explains the research into concussion recovery and how the mouthpiece enhances cerebral blood flow.

53:13 - Some fun questions to wrap up this conversation and to get to know Dr. Dena Garner even more.

  • If you could sit with three living people, who would they be and why?

  • What advice would you give to listeners to help them optimize their own lives?

  • What's next for Dr. Dena Garner?


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