Danielle Brandon | AIRWAAV Athlete Spotlight

Danielle Brandon | AIRWAAV Athlete Spotlight

Danielle Brandon is one of America’s most prominent functional fitness athletes. Born in WashingtonDanielle has a background in track and field, diving, and gymnastics. She competed on four state championship teams in track throughout high school, and continued to compete in track and field throughout college. 

Danielle made her Games debut in 2019 and is now a four-time Games athlete, with her personal best 4th place finish coming in 2022.

Learn more about Danielle's favorite performance benefits of the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece below.



How has your background in track and field impacted your transition to functional fitness?
"It allowed me to come in with sprint, power, and long distance running work already in my arsenal. It also helps you to learn to compete as you are literally racing on foot, or trying to out jump each other. It's competition in its simplest form."

Why are you so passionate about functional fitness?
"Because I am super competitive, I love working out, and putting in work and reaping the rewards is an incredible feeling!!"

What are your main hobbies or interests outside of fitness?
"Walking my dog Cash, hiking, traveling, coffee, being in the sun, music, etc."

What is your greatest source of motivation or inspiration?
"To not be a basic ass human being. I want to feel like I went out there and went for it."

What do you enjoy most about training with AIRWAAV?
"That it helps me focus on my breathing and also provides some protection for the heavier lifts. Lately I have been working on my aerobic capacity on multiple machines and it only helps me get there faster!"

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