Dallin Pepper Talks How AIRWAAV Gives Him A Competitive Edge

The AIRWAAV mouthpiece is quickly becoming one of the staple pieces for CrossFit athletes. Top athletes such as Rich Froning and Dallin Pepper swear by it. Dallin Pepper, a four-time CrossFit Games athlete, was introduced to it in 2021 and hasn’t looked back since and for good reason. The AIRWAAV mouthpiece creates an optimal airway opening which improves breathing while also improving muscular endurance and recovery.  

In an interview with The Morning Chalk Up, Pepper did not see much harm in giving the mouthpiece a shot after he was introduced to it. I figured if it can help me in my workouts as well as in my lifting, I might as well give it a try,” he explained. “After a couple of days, I realized that I really enjoyed it and I really liked what it did for me.” 

The AIRWAAV mouthpiece has 15 years of peer-reviewed, published research conducted to perfect the most efficient way of opening the airway and optimizing performance. AIRWAAV helps reposition the jaw which creates a more optimal airway opening resulting in more efficient breathing. CT Scans prove the mouthpiece increases the width of your airway by up to 25%. AIRWAAV also helps improve strength by improving muscular force during lifts and maximizing power output. This is done by clenching down on the mouthpiece which activates a neuromuscular response. The third and final piece that AIRWAAV helps with is recovery and this is done by reducing cortisol levels. Dallin even explains this himself saying, “when you’re deep in that pain cave, by limiting that [feeling] you’re not going to be as sore and all that.” AIRWAAV allows him to breathe better and end a workout with less lactic acid build up. “I’ve been using it for so long. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what it feels like not to use it.” 

The AIRWAAV mouthpiece gives Dallin Pepper, along with many other athletes, that competitive edge. Elite athletes along with everyday gym goers are all people who can benefit from using the mouthpiece. AIRWAAV helps individuals unlock their full athletic potential and is a staple piece of equipment that every athlete should add to their training arsenal. 

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