AIRWAAV Named "The Official Mouthpiece of World's Strongest Man"


The World's Strongest Man and AIRWAAV Partner to Provide Competitive Edge to Strongman Athletes.

The World's Strongest Man and AIRWAAV have announced a new partnership that will make AIRWAAV "The Official Mouthpiece of the SBD World's Strongest Man." The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece is designed to help Strongman athletes perform at their peak during training by improving strength, muscular endurance, and recovery time. 

"Our mission at AIRWAAV is to champion athletes in their quests for personal accomplishments and the partnership with World’s Strongest Man allows us to do that within the Strongman community on a global scale,” said Jordan Posch, Marketing Director at AIRWAAV. "We believe we have created the most effective performance mouthpiece and with the support of World’s Strongest Man it will be accessible to Strongman athletes at every level and help them achieve greater achievements in the sport.”

AIRWAAV is a lower fit mouthpiece that places the jaw and tongue in the perfect position to improve breathing and body alignment during intense exercise. It’s scientifically proven with 15 years of peer-reviewed, published research to:

  •  Activate neuromuscular response to improve muscular force during strength exercises
  • Open your airway by up to 25% for improved breathing efficiency
  • Reduce respiratory rate by 20% for improved muscular endurance
  • Reduce cortisol build up by 50% post-workout for faster recovery

"We are excited to partner with AIRWAAV to provide our athletes with the best possible tools to succeed in the World's Strongest Man,” said Rebecca Levin, vice president, IMG Media. "We believe this partnership supports our mission to help athletes at every level achieve greater accomplishments in the sport."

The World's Strongest Man and AIRWAAV share a commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of sports performance. With this partnership, they aim to empower Strongman athletes to reach their full potential and achieve their personal best.

For more information about AIRWAAV and their Performance Mouthpiece, visit their website at To learn more about The World's Strongest Man, visit their website at

Hear from World Strongest Man competitors on how AIRWAAV helps them perform at a higher level.  



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