AIRWAAV HIIT vs ENDURANCE - Which is Right for You?

AIRWAAV HIIT vs ENDURANCE - Which is Right for You?

AIRWAAV HIIT and ENDURANCE provide the same great performance benefits, with slightly different styles and fitment. Check out the different features and applications and decide which one is right for you.  


Wider bite channel that is designed for a looser fit around teeth

Easier to pop in and out in-between sets

Mid-rise intake bar fits behind lower teeth


High-intensity interval training




Narrow bite channel is designed to fit snug around teeth

Low rise intake bar fits deeper on the inside of the lower teeth

T-bars ensure a secure lockdown fit, ideal for going long distances


Monostructural conditioning

Distance running and cycling



AIRWAAV HIIT and ENDURANCE are available in their original colors and also in the Mayhem Edition, with complete Mayhem branding including the signature navy colored bite plate and a Mayhem-branded case.

One Innovative Technology. Two Performance-Driven Designs.

Order yours here.


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