Dallin Pepper is the 3x Fittest Teen on Earth. He is now transitioning into the main division of The Games, where he made his debut performance at the West Coast Classic, placing him in position to compete in the last chance qualifiers for the 2021 Games.

Pepper’s potential as a CrossFit athlete is unmatched, and we are thrilled that he partnered with AIRWAAV. We are excited to see him use the AIRWAAV mouthpiece for the training sessions throughout the functional fitness season and tests throughout The Games.


Why are you so passionate about functional fitness?

"I am passionate about functional fitness because I believe in doing hard things. To be great in this sport you are constantly working on weaknesses and things you are bad at. No one wants to do things they are bad at every single day. The mental challenge is just as difficult as the physical. There is always something you can do better."


What are your main hobbies or interests outside of fitness?

"I love hanging out with my wife and family, being outside, reading and running my business."


What inspires you to do what you do?

"I don't love the word inspire or motivation. I think being driven is so much more important. What drives me is I want to be the best in the world and I can't stop until I achieve that."


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

"The best advice I have ever received is to do what makes you happy and not worry about what anyone else thinks. The people that matter will support you in you decisions and the people who don't don't matter."


What do you enjoy most about training with AIRWAAV?

"The thing I enjoy most about training AND competing with AIRWAAV is the edge it gives me on all my competitors. I am able to breathe easier, lift heavier, as well as recover faster, and in our sport that is a key to success."

AIRWAAV Named "The Official Mouthpiece of World's Strongest Man"
The World's Strongest Man and AIRWAAV have announced a new partnership that will make AIRWAAV "The Official Mouthpiece of the SBD World's Strongest Man." The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece is designed to help Strongman athletes perform at their peak during training by improving strength, muscular endurance, and recovery time. 
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