AIRWAAV Athletes Shine at TYR Wodapalooza 2023

After having her 2022 season cut short by a back injury, AIRWAAV Athlete Emma Cary wasted no time reestablishing herself as a top competitor in the Elite Women’s Division. Cary shined on Day 1 of TYR Wodapalooza 2023 in Miami, Florida with back-to-back first place finishes. She stayed consistent throughout the weekend and showed a tremendous amount of composure and maturity as one of the youngest competitors at the event. 

AIRWAAV Athlete Emma Cary competes at Wodapalooza 2023

Emma ended the weekend with a podium finish and will look to continue this positive momentum throughout the 2023 season. “It feels amazing to be back in the hunt”, Emma shared on Instagram after her stellar performance. 

A pair of AIRWAAV Athletes also stood out in the Elite Male Teams division, as Dallin Pepper and James Sprague’s team “Good Dudes” finished in 4th place. At an average age of 21, the Good Dudes competed like veterans, and used a dominating performance in their Event 6 Part 1 win to soar up the leaderboard into 4th place. Dallin and James are poised to make a run in the Elite Men’s Division in 2023. 

AIRWAAV Athlete Dallin Pepper competes at Wodapalooza 2023

AIRWAAV is proud to support all AIRWAAV Athletes both on and off the competition floor. For the full leaderboard from TYR Wodapalooza 2023, click here

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