Research | Mouthpiece Use During Heavy Resistance Exercise

Studies suggest that the use of performance mouthpieces may be beneficial in improving anaerobic and aerobic exercise performance. 

The study examined 15 males (19--26 years of age) who performed various exercises with and without a performance mouthpiece. The athletes completed 6 sets and had their blood drawn before the 1st set, after the 3rd set, and after the last set in order to determine lactate and cortisol levels. 

The data revealed that athletes who wore the mouthpiece completed more repetitions without assistance than compared to athletes who didn’t wear the mouthpiece. 

Also, lactate levels were lower for the athletes who wore the mouthpiece versus athletes who didn’t wear the mouthpiece.

For athletes that wore the mouthpiece, it was found that cortisol levels were lowered after the 3rd set and post-workout. Since there is a direct correlation between cortisol levels and stress, athletes wearing the mouthpiece will experience less stress during and after a workout. 

The data suggest that the performance mouthpiece increases productivity during a workout and also decreases stress levels when used during intense resistance training. 

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