AIRWAAV Athlete Rich Froning Jr. Cements His Legacy with 10th Title

This past week, AIRWAAV Athlete Rich Froning Jr. added yet another milestone to his legacy by leading his team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom to the top of the Teams division podium at the 2022 Games. This is the sixth title in the Teams division for Froning and his colleagues at Mayhem Freedom, and the tenth overall title for Froning - the most of any athlete in the history of the sport, who also won four consecutive Individual titles from 2011-2014.

Froning is a consummate professional, and has been a bonafide superstar and de facto spokesperson for the sport of functional fitness since the start. His legacy extends far beyond his personal accomplishments, as he has made an impact through his brand, the name he has built for himself, and the people around him. Anchored by the physical gym located in Cookeville, Tennessee, Froning’s international brand Mayhem Nation has helped to introduce functional fitness to athletes worldwide and will continue to grow the sport in years to come. 

AIRWAAV is proud to support Rich in all of his endeavors as he continues to pave the way for other athletes in the sport. 

Rich Froning’s CrossFit Games Results

  • 2022 Team — First place
  • 2021 Team — First place
  • 2019 Team — First place
  • 2018 Team — First place
  • 2017 Team — Second place
  • 2016 Team — First place
  • 2015 Team — First place
  • 2014 Individual — First place
  • 2013 Individual — First place
  • 2012 Individual — First place
  • 2011 Individual — First place
  • 2010 Individual — Second place

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