How to Improve Climbing Endurance

Enhance Your Climbing Endurance Training

There are many different tactics you can take toward training for climbing. While strength is paramount, many climbers neglect to build their endurance, which is a must when you want to move up from short routes and long boulders to full-pitch routes.

Combined with hand and finger work, shoulder exercises, and core work, improving your endurance can help you climb longer and stronger. At its core, endurance is the quality that you need to take your routes to the next level.

Climbing Endurance and Oxygen Levels

The threshold you can reach in endurance work has its roots in your breath. Deeper breaths allow more oxygen to get into your lungs, letting your circulatory system supply more oxygen to your muscles. But how can you possibly get more oxygen?

Enter the AIRWAAV® Endurance Performance Mouthpiece. This athletic mouthpiece was designed by athletic trainers and scientists to help your body get and use more of the endurance-building oxygen it needs. The AIRWAAV can make a difference in your climbing right away! It was designed to address many of the factors that contribute to muscular endurance.

What Goes Into Muscular Endurance?


There are four main factors that contribute to muscular endurance:

  1. Strength. The fewer muscle fibers you need to use to lift yourself, the more you'll have in reserve.
  2. Biochemical processes. If you can produce fewer waste products (or clear them from your system faster), you won't tire as fast.
  3. Respiratory efficiency. Improving the amount of oxygen in the lungs and blood can increase endurance.
  4. Psychological factors. The limits of a climber's strength are truly limited by their mind alone. Believe in yourself.

How to Train for Increased Climbing Endurance

There are several schools of thought on building climbing endurance. Some people say that running intervals or doing other high-intensity training on your days off will help you build endurance. Others say that staying on the wall for a longer period of time you usually do, following easier routes, can help to build endurance too. Still others say that doing intervals on the wall is the best way to improve endurance!

In the end, the best way to train is the way that's right for you. An endurance-building workout that you like doing will help you remain consistent.

Boost Your Climbing Endurance with AIRWAAV

The AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece was created especially for endurance athletes. AIRWAAV directs your tongue down and forward, opening your airway 25% more than if you weren't wearing it. This helps your lungs get more oxygen while reducing your respiratory rate by 20%.

The AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece doesn't just help you on the wall, though: it's scientifically proven with peer-reviewed, published research that the AIRWAAV aids in faster recovery, reducing cortisol buildup levels by up to 50%!

Unlike regular mouthguards, the AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece has a low-profile design with bars stemming from the bite plate. The bite plate is completely customizable and absorbs the pressure of your bite when the going gets rough! This customization also helps to provide a secure fit, so your mouthpiece isn't going to fly out on you.

Build Your Climbing Endurance With an AIRWAAV

If you're ready to take your performance up a level, pick up an AIRWAAV Endurance Performance Mouthpiece. Increasing your climbing endurance can open up whole new worlds for you and allow you to set your sights on bigger climbs than you dared to dream of. To experience the boost in climbing endurance an AIRWAAV can make for you, pick one up today.