2024 SBD World's Strongest Man: AIRWAAV Athlete Lineup

2024 SBD World's Strongest Man: AIRWAAV Athlete Lineup

As the anticipation reaches its peak, the colossal showdown of strength, endurance, and determination is about to commence. The 2024 SBD World's Strongest Man promises to be a spectacle like no other, with a roster of formidable athletes ready to leave it all on the arena floor. With a blend of seasoned veterans and rising stars, the competition is set to ignite fiery rivalries and showcase unparalleled feats of power.  

The Road to Glory: Qualifying Stage 

The Qualifying Stage serves as the ultimate test of grit and tenacity, spanning the first two days of the competition. Among the challenges that await the contenders are: 

  • Webster Stones: A test of raw strength and technique as athletes hoist hefty stones onto towering platforms. 

  • Deadlift Ladder: The relentless ascent of weight challenges the limits of each competitor's power and resilience. 

  • Sandbag Steeplechase: Agility meets brute force in this obstacle-laden race, pushing athletes to their limits. 

  • Globe Viking Press: Shoulder strength is put to the test as contestants press massive weights overhead. 

  • Car Walk: A true test of fortitude as athletes carry automobiles over a designated distance. 

  • Stone-Off: A battle of wills as competitors grapple with mammoth stones, aiming for supremacy. 

Only the top 10 athletes from the Qualifying Stage will secure their passage to the pinnacle of strength sports – the World's Strongest Man (WSM) Final. 

The Grand Finale: WSM Final 

After a day of well-deserved rest and recuperation on May 3rd, the chosen few will embark on the ultimate showdown on May 4th and 5th. The Final is a culmination of months of arduous training and unwavering dedication, where the following challenges await: 

  • KNAACK Giant’s Medley: A Herculean task awaits as competitors navigate through a medley of heavy implements. 

  • Max Axle Press: Test of overhead strength, pushing athletes to their limits. 

  • Keg Toss: Explosive power takes center stage as contestants hurl kegs into the air with precision and force. 

  • Reign Total Body Fuel Conan’s Wheel: A grueling trial of endurance as athletes circumnavigate the wheel, defying gravity. 

  • BFGoodrich Tires HD Terrain Deadlift: The earth shakes as competitors summon every ounce of strength to conquer monumental weights. 

  • Atlas Stones: The iconic finale sees athletes summoning the last reserves of their energy to lift and place colossal stones. 

The Titans: Meet the AIRWAAV Contenders 

Mitchell Hooper

Mitch Hooper, the reigning champion, has been a dominant force in Strongman competitions. With victories at the 2024 Arnold Strongman Classic and Arnold Strongman UK, he's primed for his first title defense at the 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM). Hooper's triumph in 2023 marked him as the first Canadian winner in nearly half a century. He's set to renew his rivalry with Tom Stoltman, having bested him by 4.5 points in the previous year's contest. Hooper's stellar track record includes podium finishes in all fifteen competitions since his WSM final qualification in 2022. His unmatched consistency and ability to excel under pressure make him a formidable contender for another victory, potentially joining the elite ranks of repeat WSM champions. 

Tom Stoltman

Tom Stoltman, a towering figure standing at six feet, eight inches and weighing around 400 pounds, boasts an impressive resume in Strongman competitions. With his upcoming seventh appearance at the World’s Strongest Man, Stoltman aims to secure his third victory and solidify his status as one of the sport's greatest champions. His remarkable consistency is evident from his top-two finishes in the last four years at WSM. Stoltman has proven his prowess by defeating formidable competitors like Mitch Hooper, showcasing his dominance in the Strongman arena. As one of the heavy favorites for this year's competition, Stoltman is positioned as a formidable contender for the coveted title.

Bobby Thompson

Bobby Thompson is gearing up for his fifth appearance at the World’s Strongest Man competition. Despite previously placing 9th in the final, Thompson remains determined to make his mark in the upcoming event. While he acknowledges his weakness in the atlas stone event, he still holds a strong chance of advancing through the competition. Thompson's experience and dedication position him as a contender to watch in this year's WSM.  

Eddie Williams

Eddie Williams, hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, boasts an impressive resume as a two-time winner of Australia’s Strongest Man. With this being his third appearance at the Worlds, Williams is poised to showcase his strength on the global stage once again. Despite his best placing so far being 5th in his group at WSM, Williams remains determined to push his limits and improve upon his past performances. With his experience and determination, Williams is set to make his mark at WSM 2024. 

Kevin Faires

Kevin Faires is getting ready for his sixth appearance at the competition, showcasing his experience and dedication to the sport. Having previously made it to the final, Faires achieved his best finish at WSM with a commendable 7th place. As he prepares for another shot at glory, Faires remains a formidable contender with the potential to make his mark once again on the world stage of Strongman competition.  

Gavin Bilton

Gavin Bilton, known as "The Welsh Bull," is preparing for his fifth appearance at the World’s Strongest Man competition, representing the UK with pride. Despite not yet achieving a podium finish, Bilton has showcased his strength and determination, achieving his best placing of 3rd in his group at WSM. With his reputation as a fierce competitor and his dedication to the sport, Bilton remains a force to be reckoned with as he sets his sights on WSM 2024.  

Thomas Evans

Thomas Evans is competing for his second year at the competition after making a notable debut in 2023. With a background of dominance in the amateur scene for several years, Evans brings a wealth of experience and determination to the arena. Despite placing 4th in his heat last year at WSM, Evans is eager to return this year even stronger, showcasing his relentless drive to improve and make his mark on the elite stage of Strongman competition. 

Marcus Crowder

Marcus Crowder is set to make his debut appearance at the World’s Strongest Man competition, marking a significant milestone in his Strongman career. Crowder earned his spot in the prestigious event by virtue of his podium finishes at last year's Official Strongman Games, showcasing his talent and potential on the competitive stage. With his first appearance at WSM, Crowder is poised to seize the opportunity and make a memorable impression as he takes on the world's strongest competitors. 

Evans Ayree

Evans Ayree is on the brink of a historic moment as he prepares for his debut appearance at the World’s Strongest Man competition, representing Ghana. As the first man from his nation to compete at WSM, Nana's journey is one of groundbreaking achievement and national pride. Bursting onto the scene in recent years, Nana has made waves in the Strongman Champions League, demonstrating exceptional strength and skill. With his debut at World’s Strongest Man, Nana aims to showcase the strength and talent that have propelled him to this historic moment on the global stage of Strongman competition.  

The Stage is Set 

With the stage set and the competitors primed for battle, the 2024 SBD World's Strongest Man promises to be an electrifying spectacle of sheer strength and athleticism. From the heart-stopping moments of the Qualifying Stage to the feats of strength in the Final, each event will push the limits of human potential and redefine the meaning of strength. As the world watches in anticipation, one question remains: Who will emerge victorious and etch their name in Strongman history? Stay tuned to witness the epic saga unfold. 

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