Unlocking Athletic Potential at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games with the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece

CrossFit Games Athletes with AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece

The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games represent an international platform where athletes strive to redefine the limits of human performance. The intensity of this competition forces athletes to constantly innovate and search for that 'X' factor to stay ahead. One such factor, often overlooked, is their breath, and that's where the revolutionary AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece comes in.

In the realm of high-intensity fitness, AIRWAAV offers two specialized mouthpieces—the HIIT and the ENDURANCE, AIRWAAV has tailored designs for varying workout intensities. The HIIT variant is designed for explosive, short-duration workouts, while the ENDURANCE model is the athletes' companion for sustained, long-duration activities. Despite their design differences, both models serve the singular purpose of enhancing overall breathing efficiency and accelerating neuromuscular response.

But what truly sets AIRWAAV apart is its roots in empirical research. Scientific studies conducted by Dr. Dena Garner, PhD – Professor of Health and Human Performance at The Citadel – prove that the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece can reduce respiratory rates by up to 20%, reducing lactic acid production. Post-workout cortisol production can also decrease by up to 50% post-workout, accelerating recovery times. These numbers illustrate a significant improvement in performance and recovery, which can prove pivotal in a competition as intense as the CrossFit Games.

Nevertheless, it is the practical implementation and feedback from elite athletes that provide the most compelling testimony to AIRWAAV's effectiveness. A roster of world-class athletes competing in the CrossFit Games have chosen AIRWAAV as their performance tool for not only training, but on the biggest stage of competition.

Danielle Brandon, a dynamic force in the sport, uses her very own AIRWAAV ENDURANCE - DBE Edition. The mouthpiece aids her in focusing on her breath control, particularly beneficial during heavy lifts. Danielle states, “It helps me focus on my breathing and also provides some protection for the heavier lifts. Lately I have been working on my aerobic capacity on multiple machines and it only helps me get there faster."

Danielle Brandon puts the AIRWAAV ENDURANCE Performance Mouthpiece (DBE Edition) into her mouth before an exercise

Dallin Pepper, a household name in the sport of CrossFit looking to make a big splash this year, uses the AIRWAAV HIIT Mouthpiece. He attributes his stability during heavy lifts to AIRWAAV. Sharing his experience, he says, "AIRWAAV is a must for me when lifting heavy. Clenching down allows me to brace properly and be more stable throughout any lift. And drawing attention to your breathing by using the AIRWAAV is a huge plus to anyone when it comes to weight lifting."

Dallin Pepper, who is an AIRWAAV athlete, competes at the CrossFit Semifinals with the performance mouthpiece

Coming back stronger from an injury and achieving first place at the CrossFit Semifinal East Region competition, Emma Cary employs the same AIRWAAV HIIT Mouthpiece as Dallin. She credits her remarkable breath control and recovery rate to AIRWAAV, stating, "When I wear my AIRWAAV, I enjoy how much faster I can recover during the workout. I feel an amazing difference in my breath control, and that makes all the difference when it’s time to finish strong."

Emma Cary running

Further extending the list of athletes advocating AIRWAAV are Christian Harris, Sam Kwant, Luke Parker, Abigail Domit, James Sprague, and Emily de Rooy. They all share a profound belief in the competitive advantage offered by AIRWAAV.

Sam Kwant, who was the Fourth Fittest on Earth at last year's competition, admits, "From the very first workout I used it, I was hooked. It forces your tongue to stay down and get the most oxygen as you can, and obviously, that is important in our sport. It just doesn’t feel right without it anymore."

Rising star Abigail Domit shares, "AIRWAAV has helped me regulate my breathing so much. In through the nose out through the mouth, simple right? Yet as soon as I take out the mouthpiece I start breathing differently and less efficiently, causing me to waste energy. The mouthpiece keeps me calm and brings me back to center. It’s nice to be able to bite down on something when you need to feel strong, powerful and dig deeper. AIRWAAV gives me that edge I need to push just a little bit harder without messing up my teeth and jaw.”

Abigial Domit with the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece at the Crossfit Semifinals West Region competition

Notably, Christian Harris, a member of Team Move Fast Lift Heavy, commends AIRWAAV for significantly improving his breathing. Being a teeth-clencher, he appreciates the ability to bite down on the mouthpiece during lifting. He shares, "I have found that it helps my breathing tremendously. As someone who clenches their teeth, during lifting it’s nice to be able to bite down on the mouthpiece."

Christian Harris Lifting Heavy weight

Luke Parker, using the AIRWAAV ENDURANCE - Mayhem Edition, acknowledges the mouthpiece's versatility in improving his breathing and benefiting his lifts, stating, "Besides the protection an AIRWAAV provides to my teeth, it has proven to be versatile enough to improve my breathing and benefit my lifting in both training and competition.”

James Sprague, employing the AIRWAAV HIIT - WIT Edition, appreciates the mental edge AIRWAAV provides him. He says, "AIRWAAV helps me gain a mental edge on my competitors, knowing the benefits it has on my respiratory rates and cortisol levels and having that extra edge in training and on the floor helps boost my confidence and makes me feel that much more ready for any challenge that comes my way. I also love having something to clench down on during heavy lifts so I keep my jaw in line and don't grind my teeth."

James Sprague pulls the rope with AIRWAAV in at CrossFit Semifinals

Emily de Rooy, an AIRWAAV ambassador from Australia, credits the mouthpiece for aiding her in interval work and heavy lifting. She shares, "I find it works the best for my interval work, opening up my airway helping me reduce my respiratory rate, as well as heavy lifting as I'm one to grit my teeth hard."

A name synonymous with CrossFit, Rich Froning, also stands by AIRWAAV, even though he is not competing this year. Froning, known for his unparallel performances at the CrossFit Games, started focusing more on his breathing the previous few seasons under the guidance of endurance coach Chris Hinshaw. This focus on breath control coupled with the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece became his secret weapon. Froning shares, "AIRWAAV is influencing my training by bringing awareness to my breathing so I'm more equipped to handle the curveballs that are sure to come at this year's CrossFit Games."

Rich Froning with the AIRWAAV HIIT Mayhem Edition mouthpiece

These athlete testimonials provide an insight into how the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece helps transform training regimens and competitive performances. They highlight how the mouthpiece aids in optimal breath control, improving overall performance and recovery times, offering a competitive edge in a demanding arena like the CrossFit Games. This year, countless athletes across various divisions, age groups, and masters will compete with an AIRWAAV mouthpiece, proving the mouthpiece's widespread acceptance and effectiveness.

AIRWAAV is more than just a piece of equipment – we represent a paradigm shift in understanding how optimized jaw alignment and breath control can significantly enhance athletic performance, be it in short, explosive exercises or long, endurance-based workouts. As the CrossFit Games progress, the athletes' performances will continue to shine a spotlight on AIRWAAV's impact, positioning it as a game-changer in the realm of fitness. Whether you're a competitive athlete or someone seeking to enhance your workout performance, considering an AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece could be the catalyst you need to reach new levels in your personal athletic journey. 

AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV

AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece

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