This Mouthpiece is a Game Changer for Strongman Athletes


Max Boudreault, Professional Strongman Athlete, shares his experience with the AIRWAAV mouthpiece. He explains how other mouthpieces he has tried were too big and caused him to have difficulty breathing, resulting in him removing it by the time he got to the bar. However, the AIRWAAV mouthpiece provided a tighter fit and allowed him to breathe better, making it a game changer for his performance. Max felt more stable and pressurized during his lifts, and the mouthpiece also improved his ability to do cardio reps. The mouthpiece sits on the bottom jaw and allows for safe clenching to stay relaxed, while also opening the airway by up to 20%, which is a significant advantage. Max believes that this mouthpiece is a big change in the industry and an easy fix to improve performance drastically. 

"It’s a perfect fit. It isn’t too big and you can actually breathe and focus on your lifts. AIRWAAV is a great tool to make you feel more stable, balanced during your lifts and it makes you feel strong." -Maxime Boudreault, Professional Strongman

The AIRWAAV mouthpiece provides significant benefits including the following: 

INCREASED STRENGTH – Activates neuromuscular response to improve muscular force

INCREASED ENDURANCE – Reduces respiratory rate by up to 20%, resulting in less lactic acid

OPTIMIZED MUSCLE GROWTH – Reduces cortisol build-up by up to 50% after intense workouts, improving recovery in athletes

Learn more about AIRWAAV and the benefits of using it when participating in strength sports. 

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