The Best Mouthpiece for Strongman | Bobby Thompson Arnold Classic Interview

Professional Strongman Athlete and World’s Strongest Man finalist, Bobby Thompson, talks about his experience with the AIRWAAV at the 2023 Arnold Classic. 

Bobby praises the design, stating that it fits perfectly and doesn't feel uncomfortable or like he is chewing on something. The mouthpiece helps him engage different muscles around the base of his neck by clenching his jaw without worrying about damaging his teeth. He also talks about how the AIRWAAV mouthpiece helps him breathe better, especially when engaging in heavy lifts, and how it can benefit athletes with sleep apnea or small airways. He suggests trying it out for a week and claims that adaptation is taken too seriously in all sports. 

As a professional Strongman Athlete, Bobby uses the AIRWAAV in all of his training and competitions and urges all Strongman athletes to do the same. 


How to Clean Your AIRWAAV Mouthpiece
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Recharging Your Potential with AIRWAAV RECOVERY
AIRWAAV RECOVERY is designed to enhance athletes recovery by improving sleep quality. Using Reflex Technology, the mouthpiece prevents airway obstruction during sleep, ensuring easier breathing. Developed by Dr. Michael Alvarez, a leader in Dental Sleep Medicine, the AIRWAAV RECOVERY offers benefits to optimize the recovery process.
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