Research | The Effects of Mouthpiece Use on Gas Exchange Parameters During Steady-state Exercise in College-aged Men and Women

A study was conducted to assess the effects a performance mouthpiece had on gas exchange parameters. The parameters included voluntary oxygen consumption (VO2), voluntary oxygen consumption per kilogram of body weight (VO2 /kg), and voluntary carbon dioxide production (VCO2).

The study examined sixteen physically fit college students aged between 18 and 21. Each student performed two, 10-minute treadmill runs (6.5 miles per hour, 0 percent grade). The students had three treatment conditions (mouthpiece, no mouthpiece, and nose breathing). Gas exchange parameters were assessed by using a metabolic measurement system. 

The study shows that the use of a custom-fitted performance mouthpiece improved specific gas exchange parameters. The authors of this study are currently investigating further in order to explain the mechanisms involved in the improvement in endurance performance when the mouthpiece was used.

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