Recap: AIRWAAV Athletes' Outstanding Performance at the 2023 Nobull CrossFit Games

The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games in Madison brought together the best functional fitness athletes from around the globe, and among them, our exceptional AIRWAAV athletes showcased talent, resilience, and unbeatable performance. Let’s dive into their memorable moments and achievements from the week in Madison.

Dallin Pepper: On Podium Watch

Placing an impressive 5th, Dallin dominated the final event, pushing ahead in the rankings when it mattered most. It wasn’t just his physical prowess but his mental edge that stood out. According to him, "AIRWAAV is a must for me when lifting heavy... Protect your teeth, have something to clench on."

Emma Cary: From Last to Legend

In an awe-inspiring turn of events, Emma started at the back of the pack but showcased unmatched determination to finish in 8th place. A testament to her strength both mentally and physically. 

Danielle Brandon: Mastering the Medley

Danielle, finishing at a commendable 9th position, was the undisputed champion of the inverted medley event. Her victory is an embodiment of her unparalleled gymnastics skills and the strength and endurance benefits that AIRWAAV brings to the table.

Abigail Domit: The Rising Star

With just three years of CrossFit under her belt, Abigail Domit not only made it past the first cut but also secured the 26th place. She mentions, “AIRWAAV has helped me regulate my breathing... The mouthpiece keeps me calm and brings me back to center.”

The Men Making Their Mark

While Dallin stood out, our other male athletes brought their A-game. Cole Greashaber not only secured his very first CrossFit games event win but also clinched the inverted medley. James Sprague, finishing 25th, pointed out, "AIRWAAV helps me gain a mental edge on my competitors... I also love having something to clench down on during heavy lifts."

Team ‘Move Fast Lift Heavy’ Powers Through

Christian Harris and his team, 'Move Fast Lift Heavy', exemplified team spirit, synergy, and sheer strength, achieving an admirable 4th place. 

The AIRWAAV Advantage

For all our athletes, AIRWAAV has been an irreplaceable asset. The innovative lower fit performance mouthpiece optimizes jaw alignment and directs the tongue in a way that opens the airway, reducing respiratory rates and lactic acid production. It provides a competitive edge against the other athletes by unlocking full athletic potential. Research conducted at The Citadel in Charleston, SC, has demonstrated its efficacy. Read the full research here.

Full Recap of AIRWAAV Athlete Placements:


  • Emma Cary - 8th Place
  • Danielle Brandon - 9th Place
  • Abigail Domit - 26th place


  • Dallin Pepper - 5th Place
  • Sam Kwant - 15th Place
  • James Sprague - 25th Place
  • Luke Parker - 28th Place
  • Cole Greashaber - 33rd Place


  • Move Fast Lift Heavy - 4th Place

We're incredibly proud of our AIRWAAV athletes and their remarkable achievements at the CrossFit Games. Here's to many more successes and breaking even more boundaries.

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