Jesus Olivares | AIRWAAV Athlete Spotlight

Jesus Olivares is a 25-year-old athlete from Odessa, Texas. With a strong background in other sports, Jesus has been serious about Powerlifting for more than 4 years now, and in 2021, Jesus made his debut in the International Powerlifting Federation and continues to show his remarkable talent. 

Jesus quickly became a star in the world of Powerlifting and is the reigning World Champion at the IPF Classic Powerlifting Championships in the 120kg+ weight class, winning three competitions. His hard work and determination are inspiring to athletes and fans alike.  


We got with Jesus to ask some questions to help you get to know him and learn more about his experience so far with Powerlifting and AIRWAAV.


When did you start Powerlifting and why? 

I started Powerlifting at a young age but didn't become quite as invested in it as I am today until much later in my young life. It's been about 4-5 years now since I have been primarily focusing on this sport in particular. At the point and time in which I picked it back up it could not have been at a much better time, as it was the darkest season I have gone through yet. It provided the right setting for my competitiveness and focus to begin flourishing. 

Who and/or what has been your biggest source of motivation? 

My biggest sources of motivation will forever be my family and Jesus Christ. Anytime there is a situation where the direction is murky, and my choices seem diluted, I ask myself, what would these people do in these circumstances. I will always strive to be a man who makes my family proud and a man who brings joy to the Lord. 

What do you feel your biggest strength as an athlete is? 

I feel like my biggest strength as an athlete is my ability to acknowledge the importance of intangible aspects in certain moments. I pride myself on being a technician and an expert in my craft, not solely relying on my physical strength but my mind and heart as well. 

What is your athletic background and how has it helped you become the elite athlete you are today? 

My athletic background is one that I believe has been the DNA that has helped me dominate from such a young age. I grew up playing American football and throwing in Track and Field. Going all the way to compete at the Division 1 level. It taught me how to keep my composure in high stake situations, how to stay cool under pressure, and how to bring the best out of myself when I need it. Without my background I would not be the athlete most have come to see today. 

When were you first introduced to AIRWAAV and how long have you been using the performance mouthpiece? 

I have now been using AIRWAAV for about 4 months, even before joining the team! Because of my background in sports mouthpieces are no foreign object to myself! 

Can you tell us about a barrier AIRWAAV has helped you overcome as an athlete? 

AIRWAAV has been such a great tool to have in my back pocket, it is a piece of equipment I use every day and strongly recommend to anyone looking into getting a mouthpiece. I am someone who prides themselves on being a technician and there are certain aspects of lifting such as bracing that using this mouthpiece has definitely helped me improve! 

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