Enhancing Performance on the Baseball Diamond: A Player's Perspective with AIRWAAV


In the world of baseball, every advantage counts. From the smallest adjustments to the biggest innovations, athletes constantly seek ways to optimize their performance and gain that extra edge. For Division I baseball player Cody Schrier, the journey to peak performance took an unexpected turn with the introduction of AIRWAAV's innovative mouthpiece technology.

In a recent interview with us at AIRWAAV, Schrier shared his insights into how AIRWAAV has transformed his game, offering a unique perspective on the impact of this performance mouthpiece. 

Unveiling a New Avenue for Performance Enhancement

"Before AIRWAAV, I never even thought to kind of move towards a mouthpiece, maybe set my mouth in a different position to help me breathe a little better or release tension through that way..."

For Schrier, the introduction of AIRWAAV opened doors he hadn't necessarily thought of. Prior to discovering the AIRWAAV mouthpiece, the idea of leveraging oral posture to enhance breathing and release tension was foreign to him. The combination of optimizing your breathing, along with biting down on the mouthpiece lends itself to a decrease in tension, something that has been echoed by quite a few baseball players that try the product.

Embracing the Journey of Adaptation

"The steps I took to get used to the mouthpiece was to just use it in practice as much as I could then it naturally came easy when it came to game time..."

Getting used the mouthpiece looks different for everyone. At AIRWAAV, we recommend a gradual implementation process that spans over a couple of weeks. Try using the mouthpiece initially to play catch, or while warming up for the first week. In the second week, use it while playing catch or warming up and also wear it while taking batting practice or while pitching off the mound for pitchers. By week three, you should be used to the mouthpiece to the point where you could use it in game.

Elevating Performance, One Breath at a Time

"I think you can expect to just up your overall game... the mouthpiece was a way for me to kind of slow the game down, breathe a little bit better and just relax my overall body..."

AIRWAAV's impact for baseball players is more than just physical, it also helps with the mental side of baseball as well. By providing Schrier with a means to center himself and slow things down, the mouthpiece serves as a catalyst for heightened focus, clarity, and composure. With each breath facilitated by AIRWAAV, Schrier finds himself able to relax and let the game come to him.


In the fast-paced world of competitive sports, innovation is the key to unlocking new levels of performance. Through AIRWAAV, athletes like Cody Schrier are maximizing their performance both on and off the field. As the journey continues, AIRWAAV remains at the forefront of athletic advancement, empowering athletes to reach their full potential.

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