Dominance on Display: The North America West Semifinal and AIRWAAV Athletes


The North America West Semifinal by West Coast Classic, hosted at the storied “Tennis Stadium” in Carson, was nothing short of electrifying. As the competition wrapped up, nine men, eight women, and seven teams emerged victorious, punching their tickets to the 2024 CrossFit Games. Among these elite athletes, the AIRWAAV crew made a significant mark, showcasing their grit and competitive edge. 

The AIRWAAV athletes who competed were Abigail Domit (first place), James Sprague (3rd place), Colten Mertens, and Cole Greashaber. They didn't just compete; they dominated. Collectively on the men's side, they claimed victory in five out of six events, setting a high bar for performance. 

  • James Sprague: With two event wins under his belt, Sprague showcased his versatility and strength. 
  • Colten Mertens: Matching Sprague, Mertens also secured two event wins, proving his mettle in intense, high-stakes scenarios. 
  • Cole Greashaber: Greashaber added another event win to the AIRWAAV tally, further establishing the athlete’s diverse strengths. 

Abigail Domit: A Testament to Consistency 

From a 26th place finish at the 2023 CrossFit Games to first place at the 2024 North America West Semifinal, Abigail Domit's journey is a testament to the power of consistency. Throughout the competition, she finished each of the six events between third and ninth place, ensuring a balanced and steady accumulation of points. This will be Abbie’s second appearance at the CrossFit Games, and her performance at the Semifinal suggests she is a formidable contender. 

Highlight Performances

Event 1: Sprague's Pacing Precision

At the top of the competition, James Sprague demonstrated that he had learned from past experiences. In the long running event, reminiscent of previous West Coast Classic challenges, Sprague held off Brent Fikowski to claim victory in Event 1. His strategic pacing and endurance paid off, setting the stage for a strong semifinal showing.

Event 2: Merten's Dominance

Colten Mertens made a significant impact in Event 2, becoming the only athlete to finish in less than 11 minutes. This impressive performance established him as the overall leader early in the competition, showcasing his speed and efficiency in the demanding workout.

Event 3: Sprague's Explosive Speed

In Event 3, James Sprague showcased his explosive power and endurance. He breezed through the Echo bike calories, legless rope climbs, and box jump-overs, crossing the finish line in an impressive 8:24.23. This performance highlighted his capacity to maintain a high intensity throughout a complex, multi-modal event.

Event 4: Greashaber's Blistering Pace

Cole Greashaber made a significant statement in Event 4 with a remarkable performance. Maintaining a 1:38 pace on his final row, he completed the event in a blistering 7:15.48. This event, which combined rowing and handstand walks, tested both cardiovascular endurance and gymnastic skill. Greashaber's win in this event underscored his versatility and precision.

Event 5: Mertens' Touch-and-Go Triumph

Event 5 featured a thrilling showdown. While Brent Fikowski was the first to get the final bar up, Colten Mertens executed touch-and-go reps, finishing with a time of 5:07.62. His ability to perform under pressure and strategically execute his lifts secured him the win and highlighted his skills in Olympic weightlifting.

Event 6: Mertens' Narrow Miss

The final event of the Semifinal was packed with drama and intensity. Colten Mertens and Sager went head-to-head during the lunges. However, a costly no rep for Mertens, mere feet from the finish, determined the outcome. This minor error ended up being the crucial difference in who secured their ticket to the Games. Despite this setback, Mertens' overall performance throughout the semifinal was remarkable, demonstrating his resilience and competitive spirit.

Each event in the Semifinal was designed to test a range of athletic abilities, from strength and endurance to skill and strategy. Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • Event 1: A combination of running and clean and jerks over five rounds tested the athletes' stamina and power. 
  • Event 2: This event focused on speed and skill, with double-unders, toes-to-bar, and heavy front squats. 
  • Event 3: Athletes had to complete seven rounds of Echo bike calories, legless rope climbs, and box jump-overs, pushing their anaerobic capacity and upper body strength. 
  • Event 4: A test of precision and endurance with rowing and handstand walks. 
  • Event 5: A progressively heavier squat snatch ladder tested explosive strength and technical proficiency. 
  • Event 6: A high-intensity combination of Echo bike calories, muscle-ups, and a dumbbell walking lunge demanded speed and full-body strength. 

Next up for the AIRWAAV athletes are the East Semifinals, scheduled to take place from May 31st to June 2nd. Dallin Pepper and Anikha Greer will be competing for their chance to join the others at the 2024 CrossFit Games. Given the stellar performances at the West Semifinal, the AIRWAAV team is poised for more success.

AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV
AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece - AIRWAAV

AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece

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