AIRWAAV Highlighted as a Top Functional Fitness Trend for 2022

AIRWAAV was proud to be recognized as a top functional fitness trend for 2022 in a recent article by Morning Chalk Up, titled “From Double-Under Crossovers and TYR to Baggy T-shirts: Which 2022 Trends Are Here to Stay?”. In the article, AIRWAAV, among other top brands and trends, was highlighted for its increased popularity, usage, and widespread interest across the industry. 

The article states, “Ten-time Games champion Rich Froning has embraced AIRWAAV, so no wonder it’s the hottest new performance and recovery tool”. 

It continues with a quote from Froning himself on his personal AIRWAAV use, “There are always going to be workouts during training or events at the Games that we dread because we know it’s going to hurt, that’s inevitable, but training to breathe properly has helped me realize that I can control more than I once thought that I could”. 

AIRWAAV is thrilled to be featured in this article among many other top brands and trends in the functional fitness world in 2022 and we look forward to continuing the momentum into the new year. 

The full article can be found here

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