Steph Chung is a former 2018 Games athlete and current PA student. Chung grew her love for the sport of fitness in Doha, Qatar while teaching pre-medical biology after college. After two years at the university, she decided to take the L1 and L2 courses and become a functional fitness coach. She is passionate about nutrition, health, and fitness, and we are proud to be one of her partners. 

This year, Chung competed in the 2021 Granite Games where she earned a spot in the last chance qualifier for the 2021 Games. This is just the beginning of her success, and we are excited to see her using AIRWAAV throughout the road to The Games.


How are you able to balance being a PA student as well as an athlete?

"Managing school and training takes a lot of planning and time management! I try to schedule everything out so that I can study efficiently and also make the most of the time that I have in the gym. I am also incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband who ensures that I stay sane and have delicious food (no matter how busy my day is)!"


Why are you so passionate about functional fitness?

"Functional fitness is so great because it's an amazing workout that helps us get better at life. Performing these movements improves not only our health and wellbeing, but also our capacity to execute everyday tasks. I love seeing members' joy when they learn new skills, hit PRs, and discover new physical and mental capabilities. Personally, this is what hooked me on functional fitness - I love the challenge of working to become 1% fitter everyday."


What are your main hobbies or interests outside of fitness?

"I love to bake, organize the house, travel with my husband, and spend time with friends - oh, and relax with Netflix or Disney+! I also enjoy learning new things, which is fortunate because school and studying currently takes up the majority of my free time! (:"


What inspires you to do what you do?

"My training is driven by my desire to get fitter everyday, test my physical potential, and stay healthy throughout life. I choose to coach and pursue healthcare because I want to share my passion for fitness and help others to achieve their healthiest selves."


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

"If no one thinks your goals are crazy, you're probably not aiming high enough" - How Champions Think by Bob Rotella


What do you enjoy most about training with AIRWAAV?

"AIRWAAV allows me to REALLY push myself during hard workouts! I can grit my teeth without worrying about structural damage, and I can mouth-breathe with confidence that my body is utilizing oxygen as efficiently as possible"


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